Vet Center

Children experience being a veterinarian and learn about the pet adoption process while cuddling up with their favorite stuffed animal!

Is your family considering pet adoption? This is a great way to find out if your family is ready. Your children will begin to understand everything pets need to be happy and healthy animals.

Discovery Questions:
What do animals need from you? Does it take time to care for an animal? How do you feel when you take good care of a pet? Which is your favorite area? What do you want to be when you grow up?

Archaeological Dig
The Archaeological Dig site is filled with a wealth of learning opportunities. Children take a task sheet, gloves, goggles, and explorer's hat to complete the uniform. Five types of hidden "artifacts" are buried in a matrix mixture that visitors must patiently dig and brush away. Uncovered artifacts can then be studied via the information boxes provided and a certificate is given to those persistent archaeologists who are able to dig out the artifact(s).

What's Happening Here?
Children can practice fine motor skills, patience, curiosity, reasoning and scientific methods.

Discovery Questions:
Have you ever seen an artifact before? How do they believe that artifacts "get into the ground"? Did you ever think you might be an archaeologist? What do you think you would have to study? What does each tool do?

Grocery Store
CDMOD Grocery lets kids practice sorting, counting and decision-making skills as they shop, re-stock and ring up each other's grocery purchases.

What's the Best Way to Help Here?
Remember the children in our lives have been watching our behavior for quite awhile!

Please help them to:

Respect the other children in these places. Cooperative play is necessary. If you take items out, please put them back in the appropriate places. Ice Cream goes in the Dairy Section, dog food in the Pet food section, etc. If you're with a group, please use the shopping lists outside the door. If you are a family try not to encourage them to fill their shopping cart to overflowing-- remember you will be responsible for helping put things back. Learning to run the cash registers can be fun. If your child can read, follow the bird cartoon for directions. If your child is not reading as of yet it will be necessary for you to coach her/him.

Discovery Questions:
Can they show you the differences in items such as canned or boxed products in the store or vegetables on the pizza list? How do you count money or make change? What foods are best for you? Why?

Pizza Parlor
Pizza Parlor Pizzazz lets children design and make their own pizzas from synthetic materials and serve them over the counter to other children and visitors.

Children love role-playing and "acting like an adult". The Children's Discovery Museum has included two small "stores" where children and adults can practice their commerce skills in a fun environment.