Rope Tie Off
Practice your skills at tying the basic knots of camping and sailing. See who can follow the slippery snakes in being successful!

What's Happening Here?
Children will be using gross motor skills, use cause & effect thinking, start basic experimentation, understanding of simple mechanics, and the effects of movement & gravity.

Discovery Questions:
Ask to have your child to show you what happens when they turn the crank either direction. Ask your child(ren) to help create a "race" track for the balls to go down. Ask your child(ren) to figure out which ball will go down the track the fastest. 

Kapla Building
As children conceive of a building project and decide to build it, they must solve many physics challenges using principles of balance, leverage, cantilevers, optimum proportions, geometric shapes, stability, and more. Three dimensional problem-solving is the challenge for children who participate in this unique experience.

Discovery Questions:
How do you solve the challenges to build a building?